Yes, Healthy Living First Starts With You..!

Death rates, obesity, stress levels, blood and heart issues are all on the rise in today’s society with no end in site…

What must we do to put an end to this madness?

What can we do?

What will we do?

Fellow health seekers and friends, I’m writing this blog for you today to bring you an example of two stories of two people that are and have dealt with serious health problems.

First story is about a woman in Atlanta, GA who sought out my coaching in helping her to overcome a serious right breast immune failure. Which we were able to overcome in 3 short months- but, the steps we took to get there were anything but conventional in today’s world. Although, it was very conventional for the before the 21st century times.

…And I’ll tell you what I mean by that.

When I got notification that this newly 60 year young woman was in the middle of the fight for her life, I dropped everything I was doing to give her my full attention.

Together we sat down, reviewed everything in her life up to the current point that could’ve caused these server problems…

We mapped out a 90-day step by step guide for her to follow to help overcome this health problem.

What was our verdict?

Well, it was determined that she had some lifestyle habits that had led her to the point where her health was giving her trouble and she agreed that in order for something besides a band-aid to take place. She had to be willing to change and take her health into her own hands.

We found out that sleep loss, poor diet, minimal exercise, stress, and overworking caused her immune system to weaken which made her more vulnerable for serious immune health failures. She agreed and made  a commitment to herself to conduct a 3-month regiment to BOOST her immune system levels.

She immediately made healthy changes to her lifestyle, such as getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, quit drinking coffee, eating sugar, fried and fatty foods or anything from a package. Increased her fruit and veggie intake, start exercising 4-5 days a week, lessened her workload which helped to reduce her stress levels, increased her Vitamin D levels, and ate daily servings of a food technology that is literally taking the world by storm!

And what was her result..?

Well, in just 3-moths time her immune system levels and activity had increased by nearly 85%, minimal surgery was needed to remove a metal marker that had been placed there prior to her contacting me, and her doctor was amazed at the turn around in her health.

They advised her to continue doing the natural pathetic strategies she had been doing. 🙂

Now, over the second story – The ’21st century conventional method’ did not quite turn out like the first one…

Let me explain…

A lady in Seattle, Washington who happened to be a friend of mine but for whatever reason, did not seek out my help when a serious immune failure had been discovered in her breast… She instead decided to do the surgery, take prescription drugs, and skin burning methods that have been beaten into our society for how to ‘treat’ such immune failures

Instead of taking a step back to examine her lifestyle and see where adjustments could have been made to address the root cause of the problem. My friend just continued eating poorly with lots of sugar, fatty and fried foods, continued living a stress heavy life, with no exercise, minimal sleep, and still worked long hours.

When she went to have her surgery, it was discovered that the immune failure area had enlarged since it was first discovered…Only in her late 30’s with 3 kids and a husband, my friend was in the fight of her life!

And the problem will only manifest itself it the root cause of the issue is never addressed.

Serious immune failures such as these are battles and wars that need to take place at the cellular level.

Cutting, burning, and poisoning yourself to kill bad cells and even the good ones too with no additional nourishment to replenish your body is a loosing formula.

Yeah, you may win one or two battles but there’s a reason why you’d have to continue fighting it… It’s because the bad cells don’t actually leave your body when they’re cut out, burned, or poisoned. Your body is not a car – where you can replace old or damage parts and it’ll rub like new…

No, no, no!

Your body’s system is more complex then that- all that cutting, burning, and poisoning is doing is putting a band-aid over a gushing problem.

The only way to address and win this type of war is to meet it head on with your immune system!

You see by nurturing and boosting your immune system’s power in the natural will allow your B-Cells, T-Cells, and non-effector cells to organize and align with one another to over-power the enemy cells.

Yes, it may take a little longer and that’s okay, it’s an internal cellular war- you’ll probably be criticized. But, in the end your body will be immune to these types of issues and will be better equipped to handle anything like that you’d never notice it, even if it tried to attack you again.

-And all those haters and critiques will be the first one at your side asking you how you did it-

All you’ll have to do at that point is just smile and say, “I did it the natural way – before the 21st century conventional way.”

If they ask more questions – you’ll just refer them to!!

Really hope this Great blog helped you along your journey.

Feel free to share away if this information has helped you. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading.

Keep Smiling!

Health Marketer, Ime Ntekpere

You’re doing Great and stay COOL!

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