About Me

Dear Friend And Fellow Health Seeker –

Hi! This blog was established to give you just a bit of information about myself what I’m all about. If you’re looking for an Ime Ntekpere review or to see if I’m a scam in anyway, you’re in the right spot. Now, you can get what you’re looking for straight from the horse’s mouth.

You’re probably doing a bit of research, checking things out, and I don’t blame you. This site was intentionally designed to let you know about about myself, who I am…and most importantly…

To share with you cutting edge personal health building techniques that are working right now.

My History…

I was born & raised in Portland, OR; a high school & college athlete. I’ve been involved with the health & fitness industry for several years now, as a matter of fact I was introduce to this industry at the age of 16 in high school by way of a teammate & track coach before applying the tools and techniques to my routine.

Now, I got to be honest with you, I had some skepticism. But, after I had seen the results it had on me; I was hooked. I even contribute it for helping me get offered a number of athletic scholarships & obtaining a Track & Field Scholarship. Now in 2008, after my sophomore year in college I decided to hang up my spikes to start helping other athletes & physically active people in achieving their goals in fitness & physical health.

Life happened… (2009-2013)

Now of course being young and easily distracted; I fell off the wagon… I was too busy earning a Food Certificate Bachelor Degree in Business at Portland State University and working a job that I didn’t even think to share this critical information with others. I did still apply the tools and techniques I had learned; but not consistently and as a result my immune system health was inconsistent.

I would get sick 3-4 times a year for weeks at time; I had turned into a drug and medication user like everyone else, relying heavily on drugs to treat my various colds, flu and such. Clearly, I had turned into a follower.

The Turning point…

In the winter of 2013-14 (somewhere in there), I found myself sitting in the emergency room after being sick for nearly two months; at that point in my life I was just tired of getting sick. I didn’t care what the doctor had to say and I didn’t want any of their drugs or medications. I knew I was lacking a strong immune system, endurance, & the ability to recover when I needed it the most. So, after that doctor’s visit & the bill that followed; I was over the Healthcare system. And I’m still OVER IT!

I reached out & got back with my Health and Nutrition team; started implementing the tools and techniques into my monthly routine and with a new found commitment. To be totally real with you, what’s got my attention the most about these tools and techniques has been the positive effect they’ve had on my body. I went from a looser to a winner.

Interesting enough, the education and self-development of myself that’s taking place since deciding to share this information with others is second to none. I’m truly excited for the direction my life is going in; striving to become someone I can be proud of and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I love learning and teach others how their immune system works and how to have optimum immune health the natural way.

In closing, I do want to thank you for taking a few minutes to read this information. This is just a glimmer of who I am and a few of the challenges and accomplishments that I’ve had; ensuring you that you’re working with a real, everyday person.

A brief word to a few of my mentors…

There are a lot of others who I give credit to for their knowledge and inspirational prowess. These are just a few of the names who I have astutely studied. They deserve great gratitude and appreciation. Please accept my heart felt ‘Thank You’: Rozell Gilmore, Martin Luther King Jr, Paul Hart, Frank Bettger, Joe Esposito, Sam Caster, Eric Thomas, Napoleon Hill, Gino Niccoli, Robert Kiyosaki, Jeff Baggish and many others.

“Thank you for your courage and drive to serve others by leading with integrity – thank you for positively changing the lives of all you’ve touched throughout world…” Ime Ntekpere

Here’s a picture of my incredible family and I. This is what drives and motivates me.

pic3 copy

Dedicated and passionate about helping others…


– Ime Ntekpere

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