The Truth About Why Autoimmune Disorders Are More Common Than EVER…

…You see; this is where a person’s immune system can mistakenly attack normal body tissue, thinking it’s attacking a foreign invader (or bad guys).  When in actuality, it’s attacking itself.

One may ask…

Why or how does your immune system confuse its own tissue with Foreign invaders or pathogens…?

Well, there are 5 possible explanations for this and if you keep reading, I’ll explain all of them to ya in this blog post.

Yes, I’m gonna let the secret out as to why and how such miscues by your immune system are taking placing and even show you how to overcome these challenges naturally for Free.

But First, its important to note that many autoimmune disorders usually follow a serious bacterial or viral infection. Believe it or not but these infectious organisms can avoid an attack from the immune system by learning to only expose parts of themselves that your immune system will recognize as ‘self.’

Even though it not actually apart of your internal makeup…

  • Sneaky lil buggers if you ask me.

Now get this- once your immune system goes to launch a response against these infectious bugs, it will accidentally target its own ‘self’ organs that the enemy cells have imitated.

…Not only sneak, but smart lil buggers – Aren’t they?

Therefore, we always need to be supporting and nurturing our immune system by doing and putting the things in our bodies that will allow it to be alert and working properly!

The second reason is the release of antigens into your circulation that normally hides from the immune system.

Once these sequestered antigens escape, your immune system will regard them as ‘non-self’ and launches an attack. Leading to autoimmune disorders in one’s eye, heart, and even the male reproductive system.

Meaning that when perfectly normal ‘self-antigens’ get released into your body’s circulation that are usually out of mind and site of your immune system. For whatever reason, your immune system thinks of them as invader cells when they’re really not.

Thirdly, if you do get some sort of infection, your ‘self-antigens’ can be alerted by the infection itself, or by a chemical, or even by ultraviolet radiation that can take on the appearance of ‘non-self.’

…I know this stuff is and can be very sciencey at times- but, that’s why its very important to put the necessary things in your body each day to keep your immune system alert.

That way if you do get an infection, the effects will be minimal because of how alert your immune system is..!

Fourth and foremost… There have been cases where lymphoma was the result of a mutation in immune cells that lead to the attack of antibodies against ‘self’ structures rather than the mutations themselves.

This very serious immune failure has taken many lives in our society and will continue to unless we start nurturing and strengthening our immune systems naturally.

…And then..

The fifth type of disorder can occur if there’s a defect in the function of suppressor T-cells.

These T-cells are actually designed to keep potentially self-reactive T-cells under control…But there are time when this doesn’t always happen, especially if we’re not supporting our immune system like we should be.

That’s when immune disorders can and do occur – almost always~!

Actually…There are very common foods found in our diets that many people- even those with immune disorders eat daily that are Straight Up DAMAGING your immune system.

Foods that are High in sodium, sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, dairy, and more! So, be sure you’re always reading labels thoroughly and know what you’re putting in you body, especially if you already have an immune disorder or don’t want one.

If you’re on a food budget and can’t always eat healthy or you eat healthy but want to be able to cheat occasionally and not have to worry…

Well, there’s a new Cellular Breakthrough Technology that is LITERALLY taking the Health Industry by Storm!!!

Helping people and their loved ones to Optimum Health- better and faster like nothing EVER seen Before.

…And believe me when I say this, the all natural cellular Breakthrough can and will increase your immune system levels by as much as 85% Almost IMMEDIATELY.

The only problem you’ll have is that I didn’t share this with 6 months ago and change your life then

Hope you enjoyed and found this information valuable along your journey.

Be sure to leave a comment, let me know your thoughts on this, and share with others.

Remember sharing is caring!

Thanks for reading.

Keep Smiling!

Health Marketer, Ime Ntekpere


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