The Truth About Transplants And Why It’s Not As Easy As Changing Out Bad Car Parts…

Whenever parts in our vehicles breakdown such as a radiator or brakes, we get them replaced right from a similar vehicle with the same make, model, and date range of its kind.

And Then…

When the new part gets put in the vehicle runs like Brand Spanking New!

But…   How about for our bodies?

This process is known as a Transplantation when doctors will surgically replace a damaged organ with a healthy one in order to save someone’s life or prevent them from being permanently disabled.

…It really is true-

The advancement in our medical system is AMAZING, when you really think about it

  • Trauma and Emergency care services have never been better!
  • All the lives that have been saved and prolonged can never be matched.

However, problems can occur once the transplantation has taken place, if immune therapy that take place after the transplant doesn’t go well, the organ can be rejected by the recipient’s immune system.

During this therapy a variety of drugs are used to block the reproduction of the person’s T and B cells being targeted against the transplanted organ.

Also, steroids are used as part of an anti-rejection treatment process- but, steroids will not only decrease the number of T and B cells– they will stop inflammation and block the activity of one of your bodies protection cells against harmful germs.

This type of therapy will negatively effect the entire immune system, leaving people that take these drugs, meds, and roids vulnerable to opportunistic infections and to certain immune failures.

…And for people taking steroids for extended periods of time can develop “Cushing’s Syndrome.”

Now, another form of transplantation is ‘bone marrow’ which is essentially giving the recipient a “new” immune systemThis is used to treat genetic blood disorders, critical immune failures, and aplastic anemia.

All Good Things, Right?

Well, rejections can occur in such treatments and when they do- they’re called ‘Graft Vs. Host Disorder’ (or GVHD)… – This is the most encountered problem with such transplants.

Symptoms Include:

  • Skin Rashes;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Abdominal pain;
  • Liver involvement and;
  • Open to opportunistic infections.

Now, most cases are mild- about one-third of server cases can be fatal.

…With that said, the art and science of transplantation is truly Gifted, the patient on the hospital bed can be assured they’re getting the best care on the PLANET!

The problems start to occur when the patient leaves the hospital or intensive care

This is where it’s up to the patient to build and support their immune system because during a transplantation- they’re immune system talks a HUGE Beat down!

If the patient isn’t aware of the natural things to put into their body for optimum immune health and are solely relying on the drugs and meds but has poor diet or eating habits. Those bad habits won’t make the situation better…

That’s why it’s crucial to have a proven rock solid guide to implement prior to the surgery and even afterwards. A guide that will assist you in strengthening and increasing your immune system level the naturally way.

If you’ve had a transplant and now have weak or low immune levels because of it or maybe you’re set to have transplantation surgery and want to build up your immune system prior to or even after surgery…

Finally!   You too can learn the insider secrets of how to naturally increase your immune system levels by up to 85%, virtually for Free – you might have already had this information revealed to you.

If not, just keep coming back for more…

Really hope you enjoyed and found value in this life changing information.

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Thanks for reading.

Keep Smiling!

Health Marketer, Ime Ntekpere


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